April 12, 2024 10:53 PM EDT

Our Mission

Helping Life Sciences to develop, manufacture and deliver therapies to their patients to the highest safety standard.

Our Vision

To be the Number 1 data-centric system for managing regulated processes across multiple industries worldwide.

of the World's Top 10 Pharmas Use Kneat

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Environmental Sustainability

Kneat was created to help humanity’s most hopeful industry, life sciences, digitize validation processes to replace paper, which for the industry had long been a source of inefficiency, error, frustration and waste: a waste of time, money, trees, water, chemicals and carbon emissions to supply, produce, ship and store (for compliance) many years’ worth of paper records documenting quality validation processes. We set out to instigate a mass movement from the world of paper-based validation. Nearly ten years after first bringing our Kneat Gx software to market in 2014, we estimate the total number of original paper pages avoided to be in the tens of millions. This is before any archive, file or other compliance copies have even been made.

Digitizing data doesn’t eliminate the CO2 emissions associated with its management and storage. Just like a physical warehouse, cloud data centers hosting data also require controlled temperatures, and far more power. Kneat’s software as a service is hosted on AWS, which is on a path to power its operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Finally, Kneat’s hybrid work model means most of our employees’ work happens from home. When employees do convene to collaborate, it is in one of Limerick’s few LEED Gold standard-certified office buildings.

"For life science to scale and bring to market innovative therapies with confidence, digitization and automation of their quality processes is critical. As most of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies roll out Kneat Gx across their validation processes and sites, they lead the way for rest of the life science industry to follow. And since Kneat Gx could ultimately suit any highly regulated process needing a compliant yet flexible platform, we see potential for sustainable growth that extends well into the future."

Eddie Ryan
Kneat CEO