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Kneat Announces Results of Voting at Annual General Meeting

May 29, 2024

LIMERICK, Ireland, May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- kneat.com, inc. (TSX: KSI) ("Kneat" or the "Company") a leader in digitizing and automating validation and quality processes, announced results from its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (the "2024 AGM"), which took place today. All director nominees were elected to the board of directors (the "Kneat Board") and KPMG LLP was appointed as auditors, as further described in the related Management Information Circular dated April 24, 2024 (the "Circular").

The detailed results of voting at the 2024 AGM are set out below:

1. Election of Directors

Shareholders voted to elect all six directors nominated to the Kneat Board.

Name of Nominee Number of Votes
Votes "For" Votes "For" %
Ian Ainsworth 40,123,881 40,123,560 100
Kevin Fitzgerald 40,123,881 40,123,560 100
Edmund Ryan 40,123,881 40,123,560 100
Wade K. Dawe 40,123,881 39,839,523 99.29
Nutan Behki 40,123,881 40,123,538 100
Carol Leaman 40,123,881 40,123,515 100

2. Re-Appointment of Auditors

Shareholders voted to approve management's recommendation that KPMG LLP be re-appointed as auditors of the Company, to hold office until the close of the next annual meeting of shareholders, and to authorize the Company to fix their remuneration for the forthcoming year.

Number of Votes Cast Votes "For" Votes "For" %
40,123,881 40,123,043 100

Final voting results on all matters voted at the 2024 AGM have been filed with Canadian securities regulators.

About Kneat

Kneat Solutions provides leading companies in highly regulated industries with unparalleled efficiency in validation and compliance through its digital validation platform Kneat Gx. We lead the industry in customer satisfaction with an unblemished record for implementation, powered by our user-friendly design, expert support, and on-demand training academy. Kneat Gx is an industry-leading digital validation platform that enables highly regulated companies to manage any validation discipline from end-to-end. Kneat Gx is fully ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, fully validated, and 21 CFR Part 11/Annex 11 compliant. Multiple independent customer studies show a 40% or more reduction in validation cycle times, nearly 20% faster speed to market, and 80% reduced changeover time.

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