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Kneat Announces Results of Voting at Annual General and Special Meeting

June 1, 2022

LIMERICK, Ireland, June 1, 2022 /CNW/ – kneat.com, inc. (TSX: KSI) (“Kneat” or “the Company”), a leader in digitizing and automating validation processes, announced results from its Annual General and Special Meeting of Shareholders (the “2022 AGSM”), which took place today. All director nominees were elected to the board of directors (the “Kneat Board”) and KPMG LLP was appointed as auditors, as further described in the related Management Information Circular dated April 27, 2022 (the “Circular”). Shareholders also approved an ordinary resolution to amend Kneat’s omnibus equity incentive plan (the “Plan”) to increase the total number of common shares of the Company (“Common Shares”) reserved and available for the grant and issuance of stock options to a maximum of 15% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares from time to time, as further described in the Circular.

The detailed results of voting at the 2022 AGSM are set out below:

  1. Election of Directors

Shareholders voted to elect all six directors nominated to the Kneat Board.

Name of Nominee Number of Votes Cast Votes “For” Votes “For” %
Ian Ainsworth 18,449,593 18,447,350 99.99%
Kevin Fitzgerald 18,449,593 18,437,063 99.93%
Edmund Ryan 18,449,593 18,232,560 98.82%
Wade K. Dawe 18,449,593 18,017,777 97.66%
Nutan Behki 18,449,593 18,447,425 99.99%
Carol Leaman 18,449,593 18,447,947 99.99%


  1. Re-Appointment of Auditors

Shareholders voted to approve management’s recommendation that KPMG LLP be re-appointed as auditors of the Company, to hold office until the close of the next annual meeting of shareholders, and to authorize the Company to fix their remuneration for the forthcoming year.

Number of Votes Cast Votes “For” Votes “For” %
18,449,593 18,447,889 99.99%


  1. Approval of Omnibus Amendment Resolution

Shareholders voted to approve by ordinary resolution the proposed amendments to the Plan, as described in the Circular under the heading “Particulars of Matters to be Acted Upon – Approval of Amendments to the Omnibus Equity Incentive Plan“.

Number of Votes Cast Votes “For” Votes “For” %
18,449,593 14,761,682 80.01%

Final voting results on all matters voted at the 2022 AGSM have been filed with Canadian securities regulators.


About Kneat

Kneat, a Canadian company with operational headquarters in Limerick, Ireland, develops and markets the next generation Kneat Gx SaaS platform. Multiple business work processes can be configured on the platform from equipment to computer system validation, through to quality document management. Kneat’s software allows users to author, review, approve, execute testing online, manage any exceptions, and post approve final deliverables in a controlled FDA 21 CFR Part 11/ Eudralex Annex 11 compliant platform. Macro and micro report dashboards enable powerful oversight into all systems, projects and processes globally. Customer case studies are reporting productivity improvements in excess of 100% and a higher data integrity and compliance standard. For more information visit www.kneat.com


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